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CH Dash N Doxies Sterling Silver ROMX

Offspring Champions

Sterling's offspring consists of 23 Champions

1st Generation Offspring include:

  1. GCHS J-Lyn's All About The Bling MLD

  2. CH J-Lyn's So You Think You Can Dance MLD

  3. CH J-Lyn's Ride Into Victory MLD

  4. CH J-Lyn's Carry Me To Victory MLD

  5. GCHS J-Lyn's I'm A Survivor MLD

  6. CH J-Lyn's Show Me The Bling MLD

  7. CH J-Lyn's Supreme Ruler MS

  8. CH J-Lyn's Sheriff Dillon ML

  9. CH J-Lyn's Dance On The Mountain Tops MLD

  10. GCH J-Lyn's On A Winning Streak For Cinjay MLD

  11. CH J-Lyn's Armed & Dangerous ML


2nd Generation Offspring include:

  1. CH J-Lyn's Silver Studded Dream ML

  2. CH J-Lyn's Magic Dream 4 Vintage MLD

  3. CH J-Lyn's Exquisite Dream ML

  4. GCH J-Lyn's The Race Is On MS

  5. GCH J-Lyn's Out Of Time MLD

  6. CH J-Lyn's Singular Sensation ML

  7. CH J-Lyn's You Better Believe It ML

  8. CH J-Lyn's All American Stetson MLD


3rd Generation Offspring include:

  1. CH J-Lyn's Time To Take Charge ML

  2. GCH J-Lyn's Time To Raise Your Glass MLD

  3. CH J-Lyn's I Work For Peanuts ML

  4. CH J-Lyn's Secret Service MLD

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